About Us

We Naturals Ghana Limited is one of Africa’s leading natural hair brands providing solutions for all hair needs with affordable quality handmade natural products. The products are carefully formulated for natural hair (kinky, curly, coily), but also work for transitioning and relaxed hair.

We Naturals has a unique story. It started as a Passion and not a business.  When our founder and formulator (Dorinda Mawuenya Matey) started her second natural hair journey in 2013, she started researching and experimenting with different hairstyles, products and regimen. On her first anniversary, she started a Facebook page (We Naturals) to share what she was learning from her research to help make the journey of others easier. The business We Naturals came in after followers on Facebook started asking about products. This led to selling of other brands’ products until we started making We Naturals products based on specific needs of our customers that the other brands couldn’t meet.

Our business is built on selling solutions, not just products. We solve hair problems. This is what our credibility is built on.

Our mission is to make the hair journey a delight for all so we always go out of my way to help our customers find solutions. That is what automatically sets us apart; the genuine passion to make our customers happy ALWAYS.

The Company was incorporated in September 2014.

Slogan: Good Hair By Nature, Great Hair By Choice.